My Proud Life

PhotoGrid_1422094429626I read this (caption, quote etc… yall get the drift) a lot… And it reminds me of why I’m doing my kinda job.

I look back at my days at the bank and all I can think about is torture! (Not to say that there’s something wrong with working at the bank. I have friends that would kill to work there and I know lots of achievers that built a path for themselves at the bank). But for me, it was hell!

By the way,  it’s the only experience I have to compare with my present job so yeah… It was really hell! 

I had a conversation with my dad. He kept going on about how I work so hard for my school and how he thinks they should be paying more…

He walked in when I was making some reading booklets and he goes “I know so many teachers that don’t do this”… 

 And I’m like “daddy every Montessori Directress should do this”…

He asked me why I haven’t mentioned salary increase to my boss and the only reason that popped into my head was I’m comfortable.

Now the comfort I get isn’t from knowing that at the end of the month there’s a fat cheque waiting for me but from knowing that my labour in assisting the children release their potentials isn’t in vain.

It’s a blessing.  I can’t explain the beauty in seeing them grow. The satisfaction I get knowing that they are moving forward.

 “Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations”… Matthew 28:19

That’s the great commission, I’m glad to be a part of it!!!